Sherry Lankin

Africa Specialist

Africa Safari PlannerThe travel industry was a natural for me.  Bitten by that “travel bug” as a young child has caused a need in me to learn and share with others my fascination with different destinations and cultures and how life changing travel can be.

Over the years, I have studied and traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, Scandinavia, Mexico, parts of Africa, and sailed many islands.  However, working for DSA and South African Airways Vacations has expanded my wealth of information and given me an even greater perception of the world. 
Being very service and detailed oriented, I pride myself on being able to describe the essence of African travel to my clients.  I specialize in South Africa and Botswana. Painting a picture with words creates the magic that I have experienced and makes clients want to become part of this remarkable destination.

Feel free to contact me on 520-696-9837

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