Kristina Kowalczewski

Africa Specialist

Africa Safari Planner

Kristina hails from the Midwest.  Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she has also lived in various parts of the country including Vermont, Alabama and Arizona.  A graduate of Scottsdale Culinary Institute, this former chef has also dabbled in commercial insurance and home health care management.  Her personal passion and pursuit of travel, combined with years of customer service roles, have led her to embark on an exciting career in the travel industry.
Kristina has fond memories of family travel while growing up.  Even though most of the trips were embarked upon in the family conversion van and highlighted by the much overused “Are we there yet?”, she recognizes that her love of travel stems from these early experiences.  She truly believes in the adage “Travel is the ONLY thing you can buy that makes you richer”.

Feel free to contact me on 520-696-9823

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