Jessica Acosta

Airline Sales Manager

Africa Safari PlannerJessica is originally from San Francisco, but has lived with her family, in Tucson for most of her life. She has always loved travel and chose a career doing this for over the past 20 years. Jessica worked at the airport for Southwest Airlines for 16 years, then wanted a change and took the job as Airline Manager at DSA Vacations. Their change in career paths has been great and Jessica has been able to expand her list of visited destinations including Africa and the UAE.

From Jessica's love of travel, she has been fortunate enough to travel many places around the world – this is one thing that she loves to share with her clients and assist them with planning their dream vacations. She helps them coordinate their flight schedules to coincide with their land arrangements. She enjoys sharing her own travel experiences and love of South Africa with her clients which results in a wonderfully personalized vacation of your dreams.

Feel free to contact me on 520-696-9826

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