Hilari Ross

Africa Specialist

Africa Safari Planner

Hilari was born in Tucson, Arizona but spent her formative years in Charleston, South Carolina. She brings a little southern to the southwest! At the age of 5 she took her first flight on solo, from then on she knew travel was a way of life. She has seen over half of the United States, Mexico, France and is traveling to South Africa in December 2015.
Hilari comes from a retail and restaurant background. She is a proud ‘foodie’ and has affection for dance and the arts. She is a daughter to 4 parents, a sister to 4 younger siblings and a niece to many aunts and uncles. She loves spending time with her big family and her wonderful friends.
Her passion for customer service, her need to be creative and her attention to detail truly shine through when she is creating your dream vacation to South Africa. 

Feel free to contact me on 520-792-7940

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